Friday, June 5, 2009


"ROSCOE" a pastel portrait
I did of a very beloved Bloodhound.
Roscoe started out in a career with The
Berkeley County RescueSquad as one of the county's tracking dogs.I took my bloodhound
out with him and his owner Marietta on a
training exercise and believe me...Roscoe got his man! Going into schools teaching children about rescue Marietta came up with an idea for him. The kids loved him so much her idea would surely work. Thus began the Roscoe Reading Program. Roscoe went to school and asked the children to read for him. They did and the program with the help of several other therapy trained dogs blossomed till it now has 10 schools and 2400 students participating. In 2008 RRP gave away 11,000 books. The best part for the children seems to be when the teachers ( the ones that had all the children in their class meet their goal) have to kiss one of the reading dogs....ever been kissed by a Bloodhound...slurrrrrrrpy!!!!!! Roscoe is at the Rainbow Bridge now but his legacy lives on and the kids are happily learning to read. Thank you Roscoe, we all love you.
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